Day 125 – Sunflower

Day 128 - Sunflower

3 April 2014 – At home, Edinburgh

Back to the basic studio in my flat and back to some low key still life imagery. The little helper and I were lucky to receive a fantastic bunch of flowers from “Moira Mum” (far beyond my usual tesco quality) and it would of been rude not to take full advantage and snap the life out them.

The first in what will no doubt be a series of flower shots over the next fews days captures a single sunflower from the bunch in low key shot with my 35mm lens at f2.8 using an off camera flashgun and diffuser.

Day 124 – Selective Bunch

Day 129 - Selective Bunch

2 April 2014 – At home, Edinburgh

Continuing the flower theme (with special thanks to Moira) today’s image captures the entire bunch with post processing in photoshop to create a selective colour effect.

Day 109 – Dreich

Day 109 - Dreich

19 March 2014 – Burnbrae, Edinburgh

Officially the last day of winter in Scotland and it comes with horrific wind and rain. The word “dreich” is a Scots word meaning A combination of dull, overcast, drizzly, cold, misty and miserable weather. Sums up today entirely.

Day 100 – St Mary’s

Day 100 - St Mary's

10 March 2014 – Dalmahoy, Edinburgh

It’s day 100 – a milestone perhaps but slightly daunting that I am not yet even a third of the way through this project. It will be interesting to see how my work has progressed by day 200 and 300.

In the meantime and to celebrate this landmark I made a special effort to take a photo of a building which has caught my eye over the last 100 days but I had not previously made the effort to capture given its awkward location. This is the small church which within the grounds of Dalmahoy Country Club and is shot with a long exposure and tripod.

The church – St Mary’s, which was originally provided by Helen, Lady Aberdour, was consecrated on Tuesday, 24th September, 1850 by Bishop Terrot, Bishop of Edinburgh. It was never a private family chapel. From the start it was a place of public worship in the Anglican tradition.

Day 99 – Toppled

Day 99 - Toppled

9 March 2014 – Turnhouse, Edinburgh

Today’s image goes back to a style I enjoy – selective colour. Although the main subject of this picture should maybe be the fallen tree it is the graffiti (which seems completely out of place) which drew my attention, perhaps due to the lucky escape of the wall which frames it.

Day 94 – Robot Bird

Day 94 - Robot Bird

4 March 2014 – Burnbrae, Edinburgh

Living close to a flight path to Edinburgh airport has some disadvantages but you get used to the noise. It does however mean that if the sky if clear enough there is often the opportunity to capture a low flying commercial airliner coming in to land.

Day 93 – Unchained

Day 93 - Unchained

3 March 2014 – At home, Edinburgh

Today’s shoot moved back inside to my makeshift studio within my flat and sees a return to low key imagery. Much of the low key photography on this blog so far have been simple still life images. Today’s shot takes still life to another place by creating a rather surreal abstract.

Day 92 – Grotto Bridge

Day 92 - Grotto Bridge

2 March 2014 – The Grotto Bridge, Edinburgh

Walking towards Turnhouse and the airport you can follow the Grotto Bridge crosses the River Almond. Today’s image captures the Grotto Bridge wight he choppy river flowing underneath it. I slowed the shutter speed to smooth out the water.