Month: February 2014

Day 89 – Black Mirror Ball

Day 89 - Black Mirror Ball

27 February 2014 – At home, Edinburgh

Today’s image is another low-key image using a variety of techniques both during initial shooting and then post processing.

To create the original low key image I used my usual set up of a fixed 35mm lens, tripod and off camera flash with the added use of a soft box. Post processing then involved some sharpening and he creating of a number of layers in photoshop to create the reflection and fully low key background. Finally the rule of thirds was considered ensuring the central point of the photo was positioned on one of the cross points which often gives better perspective to an image rather than simply placing the subject in the centre.

Day 88 – Reflections


26 February 2014 – Exchange Crescent, Edinburgh

Today’s image is an abstract shot of an office building in Edinburgh’s commercial district. The building itself is black but has entirely reflective windows and on a bright day the gloss creates an excellent abstract effect.

Day 85 – Nature’s Walkway

Day 85 - Nature's Walkway

23 February 2014 – Cammo Estate, Edinburgh

Again walking in Cammo Estate between rain showers I was able to capture a rare spot of colour in the generally brown winter landscape. The bending tree and piles of leaves across the ground created a natural tunnel cross the path.

Day 84 – Sunset through the branches

Day 84 - Sunset through the branches

22 February 2014 – Cammo, Edinburgh

Shot in the so called “golden hour” this sunset shot captures the fantastic contract between the shadowy forest and the setting sun. Shot with a low aperture using a fixed 35mm this image really captured a great range of colours.

Day 80 – Smoking

Day 80 - Smoking

18 February 2014

Another low key image today which captures a burning cigar inside a glass with the build up of smoke creating a waterfall effect.

My little helper was otherwise engaged so this effect was created using a lot of trial and error again with my 35mm prime and an off camera flash gun and the help of a remote shutter release.

Smoke trails are definitely something that are worth experimenting with as the final results can be pretty awesome.

Day 79 – Wilted Colour

Day 79 - Wilted Colour

17 February 2014 – At home, Edinburgh

Today see’s a return to low key photography which appears to have taken its place as my favourite style during this blog.

Again set up used one off camera flash gun but this time with a basic soft box over the light source creating a softer glow and less harsh shadows.

The image itself worked out well and pictures 3 wilted tulips which although are completely dead retain their sharp colour.

Day 76 – The Royal Society of Edinburgh

Day 76 - The Royal Society of Edinburgh

14 February 2014 – George Street, Edinburgh

Today’s image is a black and white shot of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, Housed on the corner of the junction between George Street and Hannover Street the Society was established in 1737 and is Scotland’s national academy of science and letters.

Day 75 – Slice

Day 75 - Slice

13 February 2014 – At Home, Edinburgh

Todays image is again a stop motion shot but this time without the “low key” element. The shot was created using my 18-105mm lens and an on camera flash gun which stopped the motion of the knife slicing through the lemon and also stopping the spray moving in the air and up the knife.

A good image for Sabatier marketing perhaps…

Day 74 – Bounce

Day 74 - Bounce

12 February 2014 – At Home, Edinburgh

Utilising the assistance of a little helper, an off camera flash gun, fixed 35mm lens and a shutter release cable I was able to capture this stop-motion / low key shot of a bouncing tennis ball.

It is not simple to create this effect when you do not have sound triggers and essentially is a trial and error process coupled with a quick shutter speed until you capture the ball in motion within the frame.

Thankfully my little helper was not dropping the ball from much of a height 🙂

Day 73 – Bell Tower

Day 73 - Bell Tower

11 February 2014 – Fettes Row, Edinburgh

Today’s black and white image is of a church bell tower in Edinburgh. The main focus of this image was its desaturation and subsequent post processing using dodging and burning. Boosting the definition (as with this pictures) often crease a hall around the subject and this is something that can be rectified in photoshop.

Day 72 – The National Monument of Scotland

Day 72 - The National Monument of Scotland

10 February 2014 – Calton Hill, Edinburgh

Today’s image was captured with my camera phone and post processed on my macbook. Thankfully I was off today to recover from my trip to Hamburg over the weekend and went for an afternoon stroll up Calton Hill with Gemma. The most interesting part of this picture is not actually the monument itself, but if you look closely in the bottom left hand side of the image you will notice a couple (who looked like a bride and groom) dancing and being photographed by a friend.

Day 70 – Imtech Arena

Day 70 - Imtech Arena

8 February 2014 – Imtech Arena, Hamburg

Still in Hamburg we attended the Imtech Arena to watch Hamburg SV take on the high flying Hertha Berlin. The stadium itself was sensational as were the Hamburg support however the team on the park were dreadful and lost 3-0. This image taken with my camera phone captures the scale of the arena itself which has a capacity just shy of 60,000.

Day 69 – Flughafen

Day 69 - Flughafen

7 February 2014 – Flughafen, Hamburg

I was visiting Hamburg for a great friends stag party this weekend. Didn’t want to risk taking the DSLR on the trip (for obvious reasons) but as able to capture some interesting shots with my camera phone. This abstract is an image of the roof in Hamburgs main airport shot while waiting to head through security.

Day 68 – The Red Door

Day 68 - The Red Door

6 February 2014 – St Vincent Street, Edinburgh

This is another photograph which uses to techniques previously utilised in this blog – long exposure and selective colour. Given the time of night and a desire to keep ISO low i used a slow shutter speed to ensure correct exposure. The striking red of the door is then highlighted with some post process.

Day 67 – Upper Circle


5 February 2014 – Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh

Today’s shot was taken with my camera phone and is a view from the upper circle of Edinburgh’s Lyceum theatre. I was there today to watch a performance of Eugene O’Neill’s “A long day’s journey into the night” – which was “intense” to say the least.

The interior of the theatre is as would be expected and is dominated by the huge chandelier which hangs from the roof.

Day 66 – Petals

Day 66 - Petals

4 February 2013 – At Home, Edinburgh

Today’s image is a low key macro shot of an individual tulip shot using a fixed 35mm lens and an off camera flashgun. The low key technique works well for images of this nature where the detail of the subject is important and a coloured background would distract from this. The majority of the low key effect was created by the set up itself however some post processing is used to complete the effect.

Day 65 – Light

Day 65 - Light

3 February 2014 – At home, Edinburgh

Today’s image is a macro low key image taken with my prime 35mm at f3.5. It captures a light bulb in an otherwise dark room and creates an abstract image, which at first looks more like something in a science lab than your living room.